OT: Antenna Selection Guidance?


From: ARDUJENSKI@aol.com
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 23:09:35 EDT

Over the past several years I have noted that many folks seem to meander
around looking for the BEST antenna for their location. This site appears to
be the best for gettig straignt forward info. If any of you have visted the
rec.radio.amateur.antenna NG you will see that that is in most cases of
little or no value.

It would seem that either thru ARRL or some other enterprising group a
service could be offered whereby a person filled out a questionaire with info
regarding realestate, limitations, restrictions, bands worked, DX or
local,contest working, financial limitations, etc and for a reasonable fee
get a recommendation back for a listing of antennas that best meet his or
her needs.

So often I see folks not having the background to ask the right questions and
well meaning folks not supplying the complete answers. Now most of us have
resources to access LB CEBIK's site, dozens of reference books on our
shelves, old magaxine articles. Some folks don't have this available or the
patience to weed thru all the info. Heck I still don't really know if a
inverted vee with an apex at about 33 feet is better than a ground mounted
BUTTERNUT with minimal radials.

For newer hams and seasoned ops, it seems this would be a big plus Heck I
still see recent articles discussing using tuned ground radials. Mixing dbi
and dbd is still a common practice (or mis practice)

The point of this topic was to see if I may be in a majority of one or if
such a service by those *experts* could be a real service to the ham

I hope not to offend the purists in the group that says EXPERIMENT, I support
that route. But some folks may not have the finances nor the expertise nor
the patience nor access to lots of discussions that have taken place over the
past several years.

Heck maybe this already exits and I just missed it. Hey how many posts do we
see folks asking what is the best antenna for them?


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