Summer Fox Hunt: Team Guidelines


From: Bruce Rattray (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 22:32:35 EDT


Hello everyone! are the Team Guidelines for the Summer Fox Hunt
which runs from July to Sept this year...when you have your Team of 5
stations formed please send me an e-mail so I can include you on the
Official Teams roster...

..72/73 - Bruce (VE5RC+VE5QRP) QRP-C#1 QRP-L#886 ARCI#9683 Zombie#272
          A-1 Operator Club - 10/10# 944 - 128 Durham Drive, Regina, SK.,
          S4S-4Z2, Canada-AR Stamp Collector- "QRP! How sweet it is!"


...guidelines for year 2000 Summer season...

                      - TEAM GUIDELINES for the 20 mtr Fox Hunt -
Version 1.0

The main idea of the Team competition, is to have FUN, post tall tales after
each hunt and to keep your CW fist loose!

  - each Team will consist of 5 stations.

  - obviously there will be times when some stations cannot make the fox
     hunt for various reasons...don't sweat it as that's the way the
     slippery seaweed sloshes...there could be an excellent belly-laughing
     tale here to be told on QRP-L and QRP-C for the entertainment of
     all!... ;-))

  - scoring is the total NUMBER OF PELTS SKINNED AND ON THE WALL by each
     Team hunter as indicated in the posted fox logs.
  - the winning Team will receive the love and adoration of fellow
     hunters and foxii!.... ;-) ...and bragging rights of course!

  - I would appreciate it if all foxii would send me their final log
     direct so I can tally the Team scores after each hunt...

     "So it was said; so let it be done" and good luck to all!!

  - 72 - Bruce(VE5RC+VE5QRP) QRP-L#886 QRP-C#1

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