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From: Tim Pettibone (k5oi@zianet.com)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 21:44:56 EDT

I'm pooped! Just got back from Sunspot NM where we had a joint operation,
W5GB ("whiskey five green bannanas") between the Mesilla Valley Radio Club
and the NMSU Ham Radio Club (W5GB is their call). I know I worked a bunch
of you out there. The operation was 2A and was QRP. Karl Larsen (K5DI -
yes it is confusing!) and I did most of the CW operating with a little last
minute help from Karl Hess (WF5A). By the time I got up to the site (about
10 minutes before start time) K5DI had his TS50 all set up so my still
incomplete K2 stayed in the box as a backup rig. For the CW station we
used a 3 element tribander up 30 feet (on a RS push up mast) rotated using
the famous and expensive ARMSTRONG method for turning. On the lower bands
we used an 80m dipole fed with 450 ohm leader. It's apex was up about 20
feet. K5DI kept the log information but we worked all WARC bands from 80m
to 10m. Ten was a big disappointment. I think we had about 400+ cw Qs,
total, when the end rolled around. Better than last year but I'll bet
someone out there beat us anyway! The ssb crew didn't do as good but got
about 200 Qs I think.

Since only Karl and I did CW we split the night time. I worked until about
3:30am and Karl took over. At 6 am I couldn't stand it anymore and went
back to my hunting and pouncing routine. We had the latest version of CT
operating and it really helped. But now I'm very sleepy so good night all.
 Hope you had as good a time as I did!

Tim K5OI
QRP-L# 73
K2 # 63

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