Re: Field Day Observation


From: Steven Weber (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 11:33:48 EDT

> Of course, then there are those of us that think that 30 *is* fast. To me
> the low end of 40 sounded like an explosion in a dit-dah factory. Worse,

Pretty much sounded that way to me, top to bottom. Pretty amazing how
many CW stations were on 40 and how fast they were all going.

I have to sit and listen to a station make a few exhanges before I'm
sure I got the call and info correct. Then I go in at what ever
speed I'm comfertable sending reliably at, even if it's much slower
than the station I'm trying to work. Better to be slow and accurate,
than trying to go too fast and mess it up. And being a weak signal
admist the QRM, QRN and intermod, going a little slow is probably
not a bad thing.

Never gonna rack up a high score that way, but you can get into the
fray and make some contacts. I made about 20 last night, all but two
of them on 40M, running 1E.

Steve, KD1JV in the white Mountains of New Hampshire
"melt solder"

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