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Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 13:09:07 EDT

Of course, then there are those of us that think that 30 *is* fast. To me
the low end of 40 sounded like an explosion in a dit-dah factory. Worse,
when I fled to the slow speed havens, either nobody could hear me or my slow
code was too fast for the people there. I was feeling like Goldilocks and
the Two Bears. It was either too fast or too slow -- no juuuust right.
Whereas up-band on SSB I was laying them down and had many "thank-you for
New Mexico"s. Go figure.

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> Forty meters:
> The phone end of the band sounded like a war. Distorted signals from over
> driving rigs. Stations not listening before calling CQ. Then arguments
> broke out. Some stations had four or five stations call and then called
> some more. It was a mess, bad operators not using their gear properly,
> power mikes, etc..
> Then again, I dropped down bottom end of the band, music pure music to my
> ears. Not one bad sounding stations, no old geezers slapping their blue
> racers. The contest memory keyers and the keyboards were all in harmony
> sounding fine.
> The stations sending at about thirty WPM were getting plenty of action.
> Those sending fast were not getting as many contacts. After all, you have
> to write most of the info you copy down on paper. Personally, I can't
> my name faster than 28 wpm. So thirty on the air was music.
> CW for ever. Qrp forever.
> Vic AD8K

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