Re: mobile antennas


Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 21:40:37 EDT

Yes I have used the Hustlers mobile for 15 years
but with the high power coils to reduce losses. The
long stinger really makes a big improvement.

OTOH, I have a 20 meter hamstick which I removed
the stinger and found it resonates at 27 mhz. SOOO,
I put a long stinger on it and operate 30 and 40 meters,
and a short stinger for 17and 15 meters. That way I can
use it on the rear deck of the car with a trunk lip mount,
and just change the stingers to change bands-very handy.

But the best operation was with the bugcatcher mounted
on the ladder on the back of my conversion van so the coil
 and stinger were above the roof and the ladder was well
grounded to the van body. I used a spring above the coil,
under the 6 foot stinger, so the traffic lights, bridges and
wires didn't stop me . I have 40+ states on qrp cw and ssb
on 40 mobile, and 72 countries on 20 qrp cw and ssb with
the bugcatcher.
I monitor channel 19 on the road and love to hear the funny
comments from the truckers. I once put a sign in the picture
window on the van that said
" FCC Licensed Monitoring/Listening Station".
 Boy was that fun.

On Thu, 18 May 2000 23:09:46 -0700 Phil Wheeler <>
> I have a 20 meter custom unit: 15 m resonator with a long stinger
> (abt 50"). Best 20m mobile antenna I've ever used.
> Phil

Don Sanders W4BWS
694 E. Eau Gallie Blvd
Satellite Beach ,FL 32937
My favorite QRP rig glows in the dark

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