SMK-1 #227 LIVES!!


From: Brian (
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 17:02:21 EDT

Well isn't this so very very special. I totally screwed up my
enclosure kit, so don't even ask. Went to Dollar General and bought a
$1.00 Sterilite container with three sections. Mounted the "rig" in
the middle compartment...that leaves the left compartment for my
Norcal Doublet, and the right side for a nice little hackjob homemade
key. I have plenty of room to install the BLT when I get it, AND
with my used solar panels, I can be on the air in an instant....with
250 - 270 screaming milliwatts of raw radio small hootie pow-ah.

Had my first QSO tonight with Richard in Cincinnati. I figure about
350 miles per watt since he's just over 100 miles away. He gave me a
539 and a 339 from my attic dipole on about 7040. Then he emailed me
the WAV files of the QSO's....they're tres kewl!

This a very neat little kit, if you don't have one, get one. Thanks
to Jim Cates the miracle man for getting all the parts in the right
baggies, and thanks to Jim and Doug and Doug and everyone involved in
kitting this litte beaut. I'm having fun.

72 es 'oo' de KB9BVN

 KB9BVN NORCAL 2792 FISTS 5695 QRP-L 1540 QRP-ARCI 10223
       39.558 N   86.095 W   Johnson Co., Indiana
   GRID: EM69WN - Ten Tec Scout - Attic Dipole - 5w
 Proud to be a member of the American Radio Relay League
   FISTS Century Club #764/#24 QRP - Flying PIG QRP #-57

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