Last of the Loop reports


Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 22:51:33 EDT

Hi Folks,

Thanks for bearing with these loop reports. I keep telling my wife how
great the new antenna is, but she just doesn't seem to appreciate it
like you guys do. :) I've now got an estimated 290 feet of wire in the
air in the shape of a polygon. It's fed by approx 35 feet or so of 450
ohm ladder line. It tunes flat on 160, 80, 40, 20 and 15 with my MFJ
tuner and is actually resonant on 10 meters around 28.320 with no tuner
at all.

Anyway, so far on 5 screaming watts from my old Icom 701, I've worked DX
with: RN3DN, LY2LA, IK2BGD, PA0GW, UA6FX, RK3FX and UX5VK - all on 20
meters and all have given me a 559 or better, with a 579 the highlight.
I continue to be amazed at the improved reception with this antenna over
my old dipole. As you folks know, the feeling of banging out your call
with 5 watts or less to a station in Moscow and actually having them
come back is indescribable.

Also, one of the recent highlights was a 2xQRP and 2xLoop2Loop QSO with
W8DEP in Ohio. We were both running 5 watts. Dave's loop is 700' or wire
(!) up 70 feet (!!).

Well... that's the last of the loop reports from me. I'm glad I built
the loop and recommend anyone considering a loop to go for it. I'm a
little biased now, but I think the loop looks better then a dipole too.


John, KB1ENS

John Wagner -
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