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From: George Heron N2APB (
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 22:27:56 EDT

It was just great meeting in person so many of the QRPers that we bump into
on this list and on the air. What a fabulous time at the technical sessions
on Thursday ... major kudos to the speakers for superb presentations and
articles in the Proceedings. N2CX, NN1G, K8IQY, W4RNL, G3RJV ... these QRP
conventions are just wonderful. Can't wait for the next one to come along!

During the evenings we had many QRPers visit the NJQRP table in the
hospitality rooms and many took advantage of the special QRP Homebrewer
subscription offer: subscribe then and get a 5th issue tossed in for free.

Well, we still have some of the Winter issues remaining in stock and we'd
like to extend the *same* offer to all other QRPers on the mail lists.
"Subscribe now and get 5 issues for the price of 4". To start off, you'll
get the Winter QHB issue which featured an outstanding article by Chuck
Adams, K7QO, entitled "Manhattan-Style Homebrewing". This piece chronicles
the ideal steps one would take in getting started building up circuits using
Manhattan-style construction techniques. Chuck even guides the reader
through the building of an RF probe and a crystal checker as starter
projects. He presents tools, techniques and tips for successful homebrew

You'll then get four more issues of QRP Homebrewer as fulfillment of your
annual subscription, spaced out at quarterly intervals. In fact, the very
next issue of QHB is due to hit the streets in several weeks. The theme of
this issue is "homebrew antennas", covering antennas themselves, feedlines,
getting the signal into the shack, measuring the signal, hiding the antenna
in the back yard, and more.

Visit the NJQRP web site for more details on QRP Homebrewer ...

Or write to us if you have any questions.

72, George N2APB
  for the NJQRP Club at

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