Enjoyed Dayton......


From: GElam30092@aol.com
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 20:52:50 EDT

Dayton and the QRP activities was great. I had to leave late last night so I
missed some of the activities but it was still great.

I especially enjoyed meeting some of the ... uh... personalities on the
list.... Tom Hammond, Nils, etc and meeting others again for the second or
third time.

200+ at the banquet on Friday night, lots of excellent prizes and a great job
done by the member-volunteers at ARCI.

The grand prize, a K2, was actually given away twice. The first winner,
Lerma from Elecraft, declared she didn't want it! I suspect that's a first!
It was hilarious.

I'll leave comments and further updates to others. Thanks to everyone!

Gerry Elam

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