SMK-1 #227 is on the air


From: Brian (
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 14:03:09 EDT

Smoke test passed, RX test passed, TX appears to be about 300 mW via
the WM-1 wattmeter I borrowed. I can hear about 50 stations at a time.
Looks like I have about 1K of TX and 4-5K of RX.

Any secrets to increasing the audio? I've been running it into a
powered PC speaker set...but I'm a little hard of stock
audio isn't loud enough for me. Too many Skynerd concerts back in the
70's I guess....sitting in the front row of Alice Cooper's "Welcome to
my Nightmare" probably didn't help either.

So anyhow, I will start CQing in a few and see if I can weasel my way
into 7040.

Also, let me see if I have this right....tune the RX to a set spot.
Then key down (into a dummy load of course) and tune the TX until the
side tone goes away. Right? Is that when my TX and RX are both on
the same freq?


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       39.558 N   86.095 W   Johnson Co., Indiana
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