Diversions at home. [Humor/OT]


From: Ed Loranger (we6w@qsl.net)
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 13:56:14 EDT

Well gang, the being off work has created
new activities for me to work with. Besides
the daily CW QSO and some testing of homebrew
power combiners/splitters (I've built 10 now),
I've found some excellent activities to augment
my spare time off the job. Additionally I've
learned some tricks to break up the monotony
of being homebound.

* Build a fly trap and work with many different
   kinds of bait -- a really fun project at

* Hang the Bug Zapper in a nearby outdoor location
   and find a comfortable chair. This is very
   entertaining. Put the flytrap below it for additional
   fireworks! A comfortable chair and good brew make the
   hours seem like minutes. Listen to 7040 KHz or a baseball
   game for variety.

* Over time, the dogs begin to follow you around the house,
   in and out. To test their loyalty, note their reaction
   time when you touch the doorknob to go outside. Reward
   with rawhide or pig's ears. This is best done before your
   nap so the family can enjoy the gas while you snooze safely
   in the bedroom.

* The family can become tired of you hogging the newspaper once
   you become addicted to reading ALL articles. Pull the puzzle
   section out and work on it leisurely -- the family takes weeks
   to notice it has been missing! Also, the Sunday funnies should
   be read, center page first. That way you can remove the middle
   page, place on table and finish the rest of the comics while
   this kids fight over that other piece.

* Join the wife's chat room. Make all her friends your friends.
   Ask wife often if they are asking about you. When you see
   "How's your Hubby?" on her screen, be sure to mention you need
    the line to talk with your friends :-)
    ( Be sure the pain killers have kicked in if your hands hurt.)

* Following xyl from room to room, closing windows she's opened
   is fun. If you have some dirty socks, toss to the dogs so you
   can have fun finding them later. Unfortunately this is costly
   since the xyl will purchase a portable music player and headphones
   to completely block out your antics.

Well, gotta run, I hear the zapper working on a dragonfly! wowza!

72/Ed we6w

72/Ed we6w; A-1 OP; SOC#63; QRPL#1068
http://www.qsl.net/we6w Santa Rosa, CA
My 2 pennies worth is just common cents.

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