Re: Parts: Super Deal on 40 meter crystals


From: George Heron N2APB (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 22:34:44 EST

Hey, here's a neat idea on how to use these 7.122 crystals from NorCal ...
put your Tuna Tin 2 into the Novice band !!!!!!

The TT2 low pass output filter is "wide" enough to allow a 7.122 MHz signal
to get through just fine (i.e., instead of the stock 7.040 MHz signal).
Just substitute this Novice-frequency crystal in place of the 7.040 crystal
and you're in business. Or better yet, put a socket in place on the board
and use either crystal interchangably.

An easy "crystal socket" can be made by using a old machined-pin IC socket.
Just break off the end 2 pins (say pins 1 and 8 of an 8-pin IC socket) and
it will be just the right width, and will hold the crystal wire leads real

Way to mess up Doug! <wink> There's over 1000 Tuna Tin 2 transmitters out
there that could be relocating to the Novice bands ... just think, a whole
new world of contacts to make with your classic TT2.

73, George N2APB

----- Original Message -----
Guys, I screwed up a crystal order a few weeks ago. Well, it was really a
combination of my fault and the crystal company. Anyway, instead of getting
1000 7.040 crystals, I got 1000 7.122 crystals. Here is the deal ....

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