HB: Cutting ferrite rods


From: Wa3ptg@aol.com
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 21:58:47 EST

I was tinkering around with my JFET regen tonight. Just for fun I put an old
ferrite rod down into my 80 meter plug-in coil to see how low it would go. I
found I could tune down to about 2.2 MHz, instead of the normal 3-something
MHz. I placed a second rod into the coil, and the low end dropped to 1650

The coil form -- an old Millen 45004 -- is pretty full with the 80 meter
winding. What I want to do is wind another 80 meter coil, and glue a pair of
2-inch ferrite rods in the coil form to give me 160 coverage.

What I need to know is how to cut the ferrite rod and end up with only 2
pieces. Back in Ancient Times, when I was vacuum state, I tried this and
ended up with a handful of ferrite chips.

Yup, I know I can wind a multilayer coil without the ferrite rods, but the
radio receives 160 just fine with the rods. Besides, it's time to move on to
another receiver project.

Now, wasn't that better than reading yet another opinion?

Harry (Hap) Hurst
Wilmington DE

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