Check those connections!


From: Tim Pettibone (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 20:51:49 EST

Have been having problems with my assymetric zepp. It's not been loading
nice. Went out yesterday and dropped it and found that both feeder leads
(300 ohm feed) had detached themselves from the antenna in spite of the
previously excellent (in my opinion) soldering job. Redid them and pulled
it back up to it's 18' level at the apex. Went to 10m and worked John,
K7FD in Seal Rock, Oregon with him using his K2 on 28.715 (my K2 is still
stuck on CW - nobody's fault but my own). I wonder if my inability to work
very many foxes has been due to this small problem of loading only the
feedline? We'll see. I also wonder if my not good and not bad showings in
CQWW-CW, ARRL-10M, and ARRL SS-CW could have possibly been done with
feeders only? Check those joints! Happy new year.

Tim K5OI

p.s. That zepp went up as a temporary antenna for an early QRP contest back
in 93 or 94.


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