Y2K2@Covenants of Dublin Part II


From: Nils R Young (nilsbull@juno.com)
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 19:22:40 EST


Yengingiz yilingiz mubarak bolsun! Wa assalaam aleykum!

Hey! We're still here! Wayne is an Action Figure! Doug is a Project
Coordinator! My brother-in-law didn't have to spend the entire evening in
the bunker waiting for Ohio to be sucked into some sort of Yeti void of
dual purpose multilateral interelated proactive relationships! Yeeeeeha!

But I only spent about 1 hour playing SKN from Gordon's living room. Most
of the time I was listening for other people to send "CQ SKN" and hearing
no one even vaguely straight-keyish (as opposed to "straight"), I gave up
& watched a replay of the Maori sun welcoming what had happened in New
Zealand. Amazing that no one disappeared in a huge wave of Y2K lunacy!

And everyone who was wrong about the millennium happening in the
1999/2000 timeline shift now can say "Well, I'll be right next time,
'cause that's really the beginning of the 21st Century & you guys were
all suckers anyway show me the money!"

It was weird too, that no one seemed SKN'ed about it. I even practiced my
new callsign with a straight key for an hour before I packed up the stuff
to take to Gordon & Brenda's digs. And I keyed in a message on the K2's
memory channel #2 that said "CQ SKN CQ SKN CQ SKN de W8IJN W8IJN K."
Never got to use it, though, 'cause no one seemed interested.

The Maori thing was very cool, however. I could spend serious time just
doing the sociolinguistic drill in a place like that, comparing facial
expression to rhetorical intent . . . or in PNG . . . Tok Pijin &c. So mi
no kalim long waialis long SKN. Mi no hirim sampela i kalim SKN na mi no
kalim SKN. So mi luk luk long TV na siyim olkain tok na sing sing baut
dis Y2K i bagarapim olkain pipol em i kisim listrik oa pawa. Hmmm . . .

Hope you all survived & didn't get shot by the serious possom heads what
was shootin' off rifles & guns into the air. Stupid gringos don't know
about that Newton concept of gravity . . . wat i go ap i kambek daun!
Sikibaga gringo pipol.

I was standing in the dark behind Gordon's house & I heard what to my
ears sounded like a 30-ought-6 goin' off. Quick like a flash I jump in
the house. They had a report from the CD headquarters in Columbus where
the on-camera talent was hiding under a concrete doorway overhang 'cause
she was afraid of bein' hit by falling "debris." I can understand that. I
wonder if my neighbor came out and lopped off a couple magazines into the
air with his AK47.

Serious. He's got one.

So SKN I didn't. But I survived Y2K and it was a case of "Apocalypse

73 na kisim gutpela niuw yia!

Nils R. Bull Young -- El Gringo Errante -- La Estancia de los Guajolotes
http://home.fiberia.com/wb8ijn -- W8IJN --
"In my day you had to FIGHT to have apocalypse! Every day was a STRUGGLE!
         -- Comrade Sergei Nikolaevich McTovarishov --

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