FOX Alert: Jan 5, 2000 (0100-0300UTC)


Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 16:19:09 EST

We have survived the gambu flu, low bidding rig purchasers, the Y2k dud, un-restructuring,
and incredibly poor condx last night to announce....

                the first FOXHUNT of the year 2000 !!

I will be the FOX this Tuesday from 0100/Jan5 to 0300/Jan5 near 7041, to start.
A skittish FOX I will be, too. If you can't REALLY hear me, don't join
the fray! Also, please send YOUR exchange in the order given:

RST State/Province Name QRP-L number

My outgoing message template is:

RST CA ALLAN 1016. Try to NOT ask for dupes on this...

I have TRLog set for 28 wpm but I will slow down from time to time for those who
don't like to run so fast right after dinner...!

Rig is TT OmniVI @ W to HyGain DX77 trap vertical. TRLog on an old 486, SuperKeyerIII
for hand-sent responses.


Allan K7GT

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