Re: Restructuring, x-no code tech is hopefull


From: Jim Hale (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 15:56:41 EST

--- Mike Yetsko <> wrote:
> Jim,
> >I saw that hams were having FUN with CW, and I got
> >bored with 2M REAL FAST!
> If 2M is all you do, and you only do it FM, then it
> quickly
> turns utilitarian, and except for a diminshed 'rogue
> element',
> it really isn't that much different than CB, or even
> But that's not to say it isn't justifiable in it's
> own right.
> With just 2M you still can have access to SSB and
> CW,
> IF you go forward with multi-mode rigs. And if you
> keep
> from falling into the 'repeater only' trap, simplex
> FM can
> be fun, especially with mountaintopping and playing
> with beams and low power HTs.
> The idea is to use that to whet peoples appetite.

True, even the no-code ticket has quite a bit to
offer, I had forgoten the fun of RS-10, and building
my 1st 2M beam. (A quad) It was kinda neat to reach a
distant repeater with a home made beam antenna I made
Even then I had the urge to use the lowest power I
could, into the beam that would get me into the
satellite downlink. A budding QRPer! ;-)

> >This is behind us now, if there is an influx of new
> >blood the challenge will be to show them how much
> fun
> >CW really is!
> And you are EXACTLY right. Just from what you
> posted,
> I doubt you'll fall into the trap I see others
> already in. Don't
> let the newbies or even oldies with new upgrades, be
> classified as not "REAL HAMS" or "REAL EXTRAS".
> That
> elitist attitude is offensive and more destructive
> to the
> hobby than the original arguements about the
> pro/anti
> CW war.

I will never forget one time I said hello to some hams
chatting on a distant repeater. One quickly asked what
kind of license I had. I replied no-code, and said ,
"be a real ham, learn the code". I'm never forget

I avoid repeaters to this day.

Instead, I got interested in low power, and was
introduced to CW as a meens to have more fun. That
worked like a charm.

And in association with ARCI, QRP-L, MI QRP, NorCal,
Knightlites, & AR QRP, I've never met rude folks like
that again.

Those who have expressed outrage on the restructuring,
have good points. I cant blame them for feeling the
way they do.

But I think they are able to draw a line, and
criticize the POLICY, but not the new batch of PEOPLE.

The best thing to do now is to see what happens, and
be ready to help any new hams attracted to the hobby.

We use CW, run low power, build kits, and even build
rigs from scratch, because we like to.

We can hope some percent of the "new blood" will allow
us to introduce them to "our" end of the hobby.

Now, we can digest the changes, & get ready for more
QRP fun. We still control that.

72/3's de Jim KJ5TF (NQ5RP trustee)

> Mike

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