IMO-CW is NOT Inferior


From: Brian K. Miller (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 15:43:40 EST

I get the impression that "restructuring" is creating the concern (in
some minds) that CW is being separated out as an obsolete and inferior
mode of communication. Less sophisticated that SSB,SSTV,FM or whatever,
yes, but certainly no less eligant.

I like to think that the KISS principal is particulary applicable to CW.
Its' efficiency of spectrum space, ability to exchange information in
the worst possible condx, and in the simplicity of equipment required,
can't be beat! It also is a great way to develope mind/brain/hand/ear

How many movies have you seen where someone is rescued by rapping out
SOS in morse code on the side of a shipwrecked hull? Lets see, that's a
wrench and a piece of sheetmetal, pretty low tecch, but effective.

Guess, when it comes down to it, if you spend over $3K for a radio, you
expect it to do more than just dit, da, dit, da, dit...

Happy New Year All!
Brian K3ZEN

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