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From: Mike (
Date: Fri Jan 04 1980 - 14:55:31 EST

Tom Randall wrote:

> <snip> I know extras that never
> touched a key after getting their upgrade. I'll bet YOU know some too. They
> did it just to be able to say "I'm an extra". Pure ego booster. If they had
> to retake their advanced and extra tests today and the 20wpm test they'd
> fail miserably. All that passing that 20 did was increase their head size by
> double. I'm not impressed.

Sadly, the probability that some Extra class licence holders would pass
their exams today is indeed small. I suspect that this may be due to
the questionable, certainly unverifiable, integrity of some VEC
programs. The new licenses under restructuring won't be much worse than
the tickets that these VEC programs produce now. In fact, a proper CW
exam hasn't been administered since the FCC dropped the one-minute
perfect copy standard long before the start of the VEC programs.
Undoubtedly, MOST VEC exams ARE honest, but who can be sure on an
individual basis? Has anyone taken notice of the recent reports of VEC
exam fraud? Is there anyone who hasn't some familiarity with bogus
medical waivers for CW being accepted by VECs in their area?

I've long supported 5-wpm for General and Advanced. The Extra class
should have retained a challenging CW exam. Now, "Extra" will only mean
that a fellow spent an "extra" afternoom memorizing a study guide before
the exam.

So sad. The granting of priviledges that are neither constitutionaly
guaranteed nor necessary for health and happiness should not be
gratuitous, as ham priviledges are becoming.

Best regards,
                  Mike / KK5F

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