Re: The great value of this list...


From: Walt Amos (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 14:03:08 EST


How do you hold that new fangled FCC thing in your hand? Looks like the
right hand and you must squeeze that long thing on the left side with your
thumb? No, maybe you hold it in the palm of your hand and then squeeze it
with four fingers and the thumb is up in the air? No, then you would stick
the thumb in your eye, that can't be right? This is going to be hard to
learn. The FCC should remove this from the license. Oh, I guess yaecomwood
has already figured this out, great engineering , VOX ! Now all I need to do
is speak and it is like voice recognition. Now I need to home brew a stand
to hold the mike up to my face as I have to yell at it to get the VOX stuff
to work. Maybe this will be the home brew of the future or even kits to hold
the mike? No! You say there are boom mikes already, what will they think of
next. Bet some guy is laying awake nights designing one for normal speech
and one for contesting and will sell them and make a fortune. Oh, Bob Heil
has already done that, darn, another opportunity to get rich gone! Well ,
back to wrestling with this coiled cord, this is hard to master, I shouldn't
have to work this hard to get on the air, this is way too much trouble
learning this mike thing. I think it's back to computers again for me.

Yoh, hey , trash man come back with that computer, I put it out to the curb
way to soon !

2001 have to worry about that , soon , soon things will get better!

Walt K8CV Royal Oak, Michigan K-2, original knob and I sneak out to the
shack late at night and worry about the PA option!

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