The great value of this list...


Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 11:38:55 EST


I've returned to lurking on this list for about a month or so. Unlike many of the lists and
usenet, this group seems to produce a lot of interesting discussions and good information. I
am not a CW purist, nor a QRP purist. My interest in both activities is not exclusive.

Before all the filters start to kick in on the changing license scheme, I have one brief
comment. I have really enjoyed the discussion. Like many of the first posts, I felt some
regret over the change, even though I anticipated it quite some time ago. The posts that
followed made many good points about the advantages of the change, and helped me
personally process the change. It has been a valuable discussion with not many flames.

Any change requires adaptation. I'm glad that I have this list for adapting to this particular
change. Personally, it is still a small change compared to other changes I have had to adapt
to. Thank you to everyone who posted on this topic, and I look forward to the many more
discussions on the list.

Rob KA0GZO FISTS #2336

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