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From: Dick Carroll (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 11:34:38 EST wrote:

> I have been an advanced class licensee for 40 years with no
> real incentive to upgrade except in the last three years since a
> renewed interest in qrp.
> Well I now will take the written test so I will be full Extra in April
> and not have to worry about the code test. I have trouble with the
> sounds during the testing and have not been able to up grade
> at 20 WPM in the last two years, yet I have operated at 25 WPM
> CW for many years.

Hi Don,

 Allow me to wish you well with your upgrade. Few if any
Extras I know would do otherwise. Having VE'd many people
through all the code tests I know that some people who can
copy code just fine otherwise have pretty severe problems
taking a code test, even under the best circumstances that
can be arranged. So I had no problem with a 12wpm
CEPT-conformance all-access test. Allowing full access at
5wpm is another matter, and I believe that time will show it
to have been largely the mistake that I'm convinced it was.

 The 'lower 025' will cease to be the place where those
interested in honing their code speeds can retreat to avoid
life in the mundane lane. Unfortunately FCC decided to
eliminate one of their headaches, the intractible 'medical
waiver' problem, at the expense of the ARS. So be it, and we
must move on. With a limp, to be sure, but onward we will

73, Dick W0EX

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