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Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 08:19:48 EST

Juan, happy 2000 to you and your family. May it bring health,
happyness, and prosperity.
I agree with your thoughts and wishes and hope more will
see that only by personal involvement will the hobby grow
properly and our enjoyment will increase. It is up to us to
assure that the operators of the futuire will be as we mold them.
I look forward to the opportunity to again help newcommers and
oldtimers to understand technical and operation of their equip-
ment and in turn be the "new elmers".
I have been an advanced class licensee for 40 years with no
real incentive to upgrade except in the last three years since a
renewed interest in qrp.
Well I now will take the written test so I will be full Extra in April
and not have to worry about the code test. I have trouble with the
sounds during the testing and have not been able to up grade
at 20 WPM in the last two years, yet I have operated at 25 WPM
CW for many years.
So I will look for the opportunity in this adversity and move to
improve myself and I hope many others will follow the same route.
Again I wish for you a very great year in 2000.
On Sat, 1 Jan 2000 05:49:20 -0500 "Juan Jose Pastor Estornell"
<> writes:
> Hi all,
> Now to my own thoughts. This is the experience from Spain. Here
> in EA-land we had the CW reading tests optional for the HF bands
> during the 80's and, as those of you who were active on the bands
> by then could testify, the spanish phone ops were internationally
> regarded as "lids".
> Hope we now enter the Elmer mode and make a lot of new
> homebrewers to keep the hobby alive!. And have a happy Y2K
> without the "2000 effect" faults.
> 73, 72 de Juanjo, EC5ACA/QRP. EA-QRP #104, G-QRP #9742, QRP-L
> #1662.
> Juanjo Pastor
> C/San Roque, 4-1
> 46460 Silla
> Valencia
> Tel. +34 96 120 17 67
> e-mail:

Don Sanders W4BWS
694 E. Eau Gallie Blvd
Satellite Beach ,FL 32937
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