Re: Restructuring & Lurkers


From: Ian C. Purdie VK2TIP (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 00:32:50 EST

Guys and Gals,

My comments on this topic:

1. I personally can guarantee the "sky will not fall in" - on the
"chicken little principle". We have have and will always face greater
changes in our life time. It's a fact of modern life!

2. The most rewarding aspect of this topic: And boy I'm "wrapped",
we obviously have finally managed to get so many "lurkers" to come out
of the wood-work to make a contribution!.

People (lurkers), will you contribute much more, your QRP experiences?,
what antenna do you use?, what's your rig? Do you home brew? What (if
anything) have you learnt from this list?

For heavens sake make a contribution. Your personal experience /
background is probably a valuable contribution to this list.


Ian Purdie Budgewoi N.S.W. Australia - Co-ords 33o:14':00" S
151o:34':00" E
VK2TIP "I'll give you the TIP mate" QRP-L member #1978.

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