Re: FYI: Follow-up to my Virus Post


From: Richard E. Robinson (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 11:23:07 EST

Nick kf2ph writes;

>Dear QRP-L Family,
>I didn't expect soooo much whooplah over my post about the Virus. This was
>a serious and very real and very current problem that could have effected
>may of you. I was not really speaking to those who are Computer Experts
>and Security Experts or System Administrators - You guys should already know
>the technical details, ramifications, buzz words, and all the rest.

< ... snip ... >

Hi Nick,

No need to apologize, it's you that is due an apology. Your post was
timely and should've been appreciated by all on the list. You can't be too
careful where viruses are concerned.

One of my faculty members came to me this morning to let me know that one
of her graduate students, with an AOL account, had her entire hard drive
wiped out yesterday from this virus. Her entire grad course research was
destroyed, over a years worth of work. Yes, she should've had it all
backed up.

As the writer Tom Wolfe noted recently, "We live in an age of no manners."
Some qrp-l members are living proof of this.


Rick kf4ar
Computer Support
Dept. of Psychology
Univ. of NC at Charlotte

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