I got the virus e-mail at work


From: KD1YV (kd1yv@mindspring.com)
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 00:43:54 EST

I received this virus in an e-mail "indirectly" from another mail reflector
(a professional IS organization) at work. I say indirectly since I had
posted a message to the list, then on the computer of the guy who had
already been infected, the worm read his inbox/unread (not the address
book), and replied to my message directly to me, using the same subject
that I had on my original post to the list.

Fortunately, I had received a warning just two messages before the one with
the worm, so I had enough sense to just delete it without opening it. I
believe that saved my machine from becoming infected. As of Tuesday,
McAfee and others had not yet developed a way to track this worm, so even
though I run Virus Scan, it would not have detected it. I believe that
they released the scan/clean by Wednesday.

I did not report this to the Tech Support folks, but by last night, _they
knew that I had received the message, and were already looking for me!_
They ran a scan and a clean and updated my virus signature files.

I later received a report that the worm will erase all Excel spreadsheet
files .XLS, and many types of program source files such as .C, .H, .CPP,
..ASM, etc. The spreadsheets alone would have been nasty for me -- that's
how I get paid!

BTW, virus is not a Latin word, so the plural is viruses, not virii.

72/73 de Jim, KD1YV

>many times when it wasn't there. The problem is twofold. 1) There are new
>virii that are more dangerous than ever. 2) There are more holes in some of

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