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 Kleibe Jacinto de Araujo
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I see that Kleibe has subscribed again. Everyone take a moment to welcome

As I remember, he just passed his license test in Brazil. George Gingell
donated some QRP Quarterly back issues and they should be to him in a day or
two. (A visiting friend of mine from Brazil took them down last weekend with
a Tick keyer chip and some items from Dan's Small Parts.)

We have a small problem. Kleibe wanted some small toriods from Dan's Small
Parts. I ordered them and they were taken to Brazil. Of course, they're in
a bag with no markings. I don't remember what was ordered.

>From his description, he needs to identify 2 different tiny red toriods. Can
someone help us out? What do we need? A measurement of the toriods? Thanks
in advance and........

Welcome aboard Kleibe!

Gerry, K1LRO/7

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