HB: 10M ssb HT & CW


From: Ed Manuel (N5EM) (n5em@flash.net)
Date: Sat Nov 13 1999 - 10:51:51 EST

At 04:42 PM 11/12/1999 -0700, Carl wrote:
> people have asked for updates about the 10M ht that I
>purchaced. The first one I had was defective on transmit.
>I sent it back and they sent out a new one, no questions asked.
>I had herd of problems with the company before, but that was from
>the CB crowd (Who had modified the radios). For information you
>can see
>the product is the eagle spitfire.
>Review. <snip>

Carl does a great job of reviewing this radio. Even in spite of the
"channelized" tuning, it's a neat box. The only other WART is the lack of
CW. So, how about this as an approach.

I will eventually try this but it won't be in the next few months, I'm
sure. If one took their keyer output and keyed a clean, sine wave audio
oscillator around 700 to 1000 hz., and used this key line to also create a
PTT line with delay (semi-QSK), the entire circuit should fit in a package
like one of those little red plastic boxes that Whiterook sells. Actually,
it could probably be fitted inside the combination keyer/Tick keyer that
they make. I haven't actually looked inside one so that's speculation.
That would 1)key the PTT line with delay and 2) insert a keyed audio tone
into the mic input to generate a CW signal.

Listening to CW during the Sweepstakes also argues for the addition of an
audio CW filter but that not essential to getting the rig on CW.

Any observations or comments? Other ideas that might be easier?

Ed, N5EM

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