FW: North Georgia QRP Club (NoGa) offers the PiG Kit - a QRP A ccessory ***address correction***


From: Sam Billingsley (SBillingsley@usaninc.com)
Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 15:40:22 EDT

I have been advised that Ken Evans W4DU order mailing address in the kit
announcement is incorrect. The city and zip were wrong. It should be:

Send check or M.O. (in US funds, written against a major US bank) made out
to "Ken Evans, W4DU" and send to:
     Ken Evans,W4DU
     848 Valbrook Ct.
     Lilburn, GA 30047
(To insure faster handling please include Self Addressed Mailing Label)

BTW as present the web page info is also incorrect but will be changed this

Sorry about the error.

Sam Billingsley AE4GX


> Information on the NoGaPig can be found on the North Georgia QRP website
> http://www.qsl.net/nogaqrp/ under the Club Projects Section. NoGaQRP Club
> and/or ARCI will be placing the full QQ article on the web soon. We will
> be adding webpage sections to discuss the optional sections to the PC
> board including a PIC keyer and Audio/HISS filter. If all components of
> this board are populated you will have an integrated power, keyer, and
> headphone capability. The complete unit is ideal for the low-end QRP rigs
> and older classic rigs that don't have these features built-in (ie Heath
> HW series and the early TT QRP rigs) and even those new more expensive
> rigs that you like to give additional protection.
> Several PiG units have been shipped to date and Jim Stafford W4QO will
> have 50 kits with him at Pacificon.
> So....... "Don't BBQ your Rig Use the Pig"

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