2N2/40 0.2uF caps, SM caps


From: Andy C Meng (andymeng@juno.com)
Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 07:00:58 EDT

Hi everyone,
        i started building the output section a 2N2/40. I have the pads
installed for the finals and output filter. They are soldered to the
since I don't have any suitable glue. I am planning to put this in an
box and use it as an outboard RF amp, and to get a feel for the
technique. I have some questions about some of the parts.

Does anyone know why .2uF caps were used all over? did Jim have a whole
bunch that needed to be used, or are they there for a better reason?

In the output filter, Silver mica caps are used, as they are in several
designs. Why is this? Would NP0's work? (I don't have any Silver Mica's)

Thanks for reading this.


Andy KC8KFI/AE Cincinnati, OH freshman at St. Xavier HS
total HF QRP CW conacts; 59 WEB: www.qsl.net/kc8kfi andymeng@juno.com
SW40+, SB-104 running 0-5W into a dipole at 12ft -- straight key or
projects: IR start timer for motocross practice track, restoring SB-104
to semi-
working condition -- DONE!, wirebrushing and painting tower, SMT G4WIF

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