Re: Ni-Cads for qrp


Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 01:21:15 EDT

     If you want to find out more than you ever wanted to know about nicad
batteries visit the Anton Bauer website at

Anton Bauer is a major supplier of rechargeable batteries, including nicads,
to the TV and motion picture industries. Those big black "bricks" you see on
the back of all the minicams on TV are Anton Bauer batteries. Those suckers
cost hundreds of dollars each so there is a great interest in maximizing the
life of them. Bauer has done a lot of work in that area. They have a lot of
technical and applications information on their website including their
"Battery Handbook," which is downloadable, and a long essay discussing what
is largely the 'myth' of nicad memory effect. 'Memory' was a factor in
nicads in the early products, but nowadays it is not a serious consideration,
especially if the latest charging techniques are used. Deep discharing
nicads (to <1v per cell) can be fatal in short order, as can constantly
"topping off" your batteries. They say it very well in their information so
there is no point in my rehashing it here. Other battery makers have similar
info on their sites, but the Bauer site has it in a nice compact form.

Bob Bruner

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