Ni-Cads for qrp


From: Bruce Rattray (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 17:12:07 EDT

I'm recalling a posting done by someone on QRP-L but I'm not recalling
it 100%...this person heard a speaker from NASA(?) who specialized in
ni-cads....I think he put his ni-cads in a refrigerator for some far, when it comes to ni-cads, I have thought the idea was
to drain them down before re-charging them thus avoiding the "memory"
scenario....but I think this posting was saying that one should not worry
about the "memory" affect but just use them and drop them in the recharger
after each use....apparently draining the ni-cads down "completely" before
recharging might avoid the "memory" affect but would assure you get the
overall shortest life out of the ni-cads, to the delight of the if anyone recalls that posting, maybe the author, I
would like to know if I have a good handle on the meaning of this article
because I'm involved with the use of a lot of ni-cads every day...thank
you very much.....

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