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From: Monte Stark (ku7y@dri.edu)
Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 02:38:13 EDT

Hi All,

I just wanted to tell a little story about something very
nice being done by a vendor to help QRP/QRPers.

When Doug Hendricks was in Ney York he took the time to
see Brad and Gary of Embedded Research. Before he
left, Brad and Gary GAVE him 50 TiCK-2B keyers!

To top that off, they included a battery holder and the
battries! Heck, they even included the solder!

This is a little tiny CMOS keyer using surface mount

Now here is the deal......they told Doug to GIVE ALL
50 AWAY FREE to anyone who would build one at the Ft.
Tuthill hamfest!

Someone set up some soldering stations and most of
the day Friday there were people making their keyers!

This was to introduce people to surface mount. A small
kit that is usfull and at the same time easy and fast
to make. We all came away with a good feeling that we
REALLY CAN do some work with those little parts!

All the keyers I know about worked before ever leaving
the building and most worked the first time they were
powered up!

Thanks to Brad and Gary for the gifts and to Doug
for bringing them all the way out west for us to play


73, Ron, SOWP 5545M,

..........KU7Y.....ARCI #8829.....Monte "Ron" Stark.....
.....ku7y@sage.dri.edu...........Washoe Lake, Nevada....
.....QRP-L #17...ARS #49...NorCal #330.....NRA LIFE.....

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