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From: Charles Hamel (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 22:39:24 EDT

Hi all, Well I just returned from a Amateur Radio Testing session. I went
to the testing session in hopes of passing my 13wpm code test and the
General written portion, so I can get on 20 meters and enjoy some DX
contacts (QRP of course).

Recently I found out that the 5wpm test I took and passed in 1993 was never
submitted or lost, and dumb me never checked on it, and have been enjoying
HF priveleges for about 5 years (oops). Well I get to the testing place
with 15 minutes untill testing begins, and find out I need copies of my
amateur license (DOHH) so off I go in a wild panic to make copies, get lost
and finally find the place and make copies and get back about 5 minutes
after the testing begins, luckily for me they waited for me. Ok first comes
the General written portion that I have been studying , 2 months using
AA9PW's exam practice site
well I take the test and I feel pretty comfortable about it. (I didn't know
they move the multiple choice answers around on the real test real answer is
B now instead of in the position I have been studying) or memorizing,
luckily I read the answers also and breeze through the written portion.
Next comes the most intense nervousness. What the heck I will try 20wpm to
get warmed up. Going into the 20wpm with a (theres no way I'm going to pass
this attitude) First comes the practice code, OH MY GOD this is fast!!
Faster than Farnsworth (18wpm characters) it had to be 20wpm characters and
20 wpm spacing, much faster than on AA9PW's 20 wpm page.
My code copy on the paper looked like chicken scratch and a odd Soviet Spy
Code, with a few letters here and there, I answered 6 questions with a
little confidence and had to reasonably deduct the other four. Well The
Ve's said I was the best guesser they ever seen and I PASSED!!!! I am still
in shock over passing the hardest part of the amateur radio exams. Thanks
to everybody for the kind words and bearing with me on the simplest

well enough babbling, wheres my order form for the DSW20????

Cya there!!

KC5DXQ - Norcal Zombie - HQRP- QRP-L #1919

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