Paddle handles broken or unattractive?


From: Phinizy, William (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 18:39:28 EDT

This is *not* an original idea, but for a set of paddles whose plastic or
wooden handles (paddles?) have broken or otherwise disintegrated, zoom down
to a music store or guitar shop and paw through their collection of picks.
There are some that are surprisingly stiff and attractively colored
(coloured, for those in Canada and the U.K.). It sure saves the aggrivation
of getting two pieces of plexiglas or wood identical size, shapes, etc. and
reduces one's efforts to drilling the appropriate holes..'s kind of a cheezy look for $100+ Benchers, Vibroplexes, or other such
pricey instruments, but for those homebrew or more modestly priced paddles,
it is just the ticket..

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