Re: Q-dope substitute - more experimental results - and expert testimony


From: Ted Williams (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 17:42:02 EDT

Hi Jim:

Your results in treating expanded polystyrene with acetone agrees with my
own experience. It's a dead duck!
Chloroform works very well.

May I, however, point out the the g-qrp club keeps a stock of beeswax in
blocks. Now, melt that down and dunk your coil like a doughnut (I can't
bring myself to write 'donut') and you'll really get things humming ;-))

Easy to remove turns and to patch. More lossy than polystyrene, (but much
better than plexiglass) and not much effect on the relatively low Q of a
coil, I would think.

For interest, when you peeled of the goo, did the coil revert to your
original values?

Keep up the good work.

72 Ted G0ULL

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