FS: SW40+ and WM20


From: Lee Jarvis (l2jarvis@mindspring.com)
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 17:13:11 EDT

Sorry for the excess bandwidth, but I forgot a subject line....

Hello All,

I've got to make some room in the workshop/shack, so this stuff needs a new

The SW40+ is a great little radio that I built in a Radio Shack enclosure.
To the basic circuit, I added a switch which allows tuning the entire 40M
CW band in two ranges. This is a fun rig and works very well. I'll even
throw in a 40M halfwave dipole with 1:1 balun, a homebuilt 12V/1.5amp power
supply, a TiCK CMOS keyer and a White Rook mini paddle. Shoot, all you need
to do is add a license and you're on the air! I'm asking $75.00 + actual
cost of shipping for the radio whole station.

I also built the GM20 radio in a Radio Shack enclosure. This radio produces
about 3 watts PEP of 20M SSB fun. Sorry, no antenna or power supply with
this one. Asking $80 + shipping for the White Mountain 20.

Lee Jarvis

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