12V Gel Cell Charger Circuit


From: wgabriel@dukeengineering.com
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 11:23:48 EDT

Thought I would pass along a rather neat circuit I ran across for charging 12v
Gel Cell type batteries. It was designed by N1HFX and resides at:


Circuit uses the MAX712 and is configured for a max fixed rate (400ma), trickle
rate (50ma), and full charge cutoff operation. Neat to have all 3 modes in one

I've been using a circuit for some time that is a bit more complex than this one
and only did the fixed/trickle switching modes. Will have to look into this one
- I have not built one yet. Am sure with the info on the MAX712 that one could
configure other charging rates to use for the various sizes of gel cells many of
us have.

Enjoy - Watson/WB4EXW

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