Bad operating conditions in Greece


From: Robert M. Ganter (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 08:23:58 EDT

Hello QRPers,

unfortunately my two week vacation in Greece is over...
I had a Ten Tec scout plus a DK9SQ mast with lots of wire with me and
hoped to work a lot of stations in the evenings.

Unfortunately at most of the time more or less all bands I tried
(40/20/15m) were very difficult to work. Certainly my lack of
experience had some impact, but there also was a strange signal spread
all over the bands, something in between S6 and S9+. It was a tone
swept with two speeds, i.e. a howling tone slowly swepts up and down
at about 500Hz/s through the band. During that time it was nearly
impossible to hear anything except this strong signal. On the other
hand I assume, that it was more or less local to the Ionian islands
(western Greece), I could not hear anybody else complain about it.

Does anybody have an idea, what these signals (which definitely do not
belong to the amateur frequencies) could be? I am shure they did not
origin from the boat, they were external. If others experienced the
problem, too, I would be interested to hear about it.

Nevertheless, I made two great QSOs (my first CW contacts!) with two
German stations. Just have to get better skilled to read CW...

Thanks for any information.


Robert (HB9DNN)


Robert M. Ganter HB9DNN

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