Post-op boredom, interesting medication & waiting on a couple boxes


From: Nils R Young (
Date: Sun Jun 13 1999 - 10:05:56 EDT


Those who have had abdominal surgury will understand. Except for them
what "ain't got time to bleed." And the night before I go in for this
repair, I come across an advert in Newsweek about some company that does
hernia repairs with a new method that "puts you back on your feet
quicker." Great. Now I find out about it!

I am not a easy sufferer. Just ask Cindy. She's got 25+ years experience
watching me get sick and die.

Anyway, that much of it is over. I'm sitting sideways on the chair 'cause
I can't sit down proper. There's a VLF transmitter project not even
half-started on the bench. There's another half-built antenna bridge
circuit laying in various conditions of doubt on top of the TR7's
cabinetry. And some other antenna tuner stuff in another box, unstarted.
To pick up the traveling radio box and drag it into the house would
violate doctors' orders ("No lifting over 10 lbs for one week; no heavy
lifting for six weeks.") But at least my battery is charged up & happy.

Even if I'm bored stiff (or scared stiff from reading "The Great Terror
Revisited," about Stalin's 15 million dead) & wanna get back on the air.

I hope I can sit up straight normal before the K2s start going out (or
arriving, whichever state we're in now).

Oh, yeah. I can't imagine what it must have felt like to catch a Viking
broadsword across the gut . . . and survive. Or, as Beavis says: "Uh,
huh-huh . . . ow."


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