Y2K - not QRP


From: Brad Mugleston (bmug@gwl.com)
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 16:19:55 EDT

For those of you who are purists Please delete. For the rest of you I have a
question. I was told (by someone who should know) that there is a possibility
that some computers that roll over to the year 2000 will die and not be able to
be brought back up.

This doesn't sound right - I just thought that If the computer has a problem I
could re-boot, set the system date for some other year and take care of what
ever problem I have. Now I'm being told it may not work period. Is this
possible or is someone just trying to justify their job.

de KI0OT, Brad

PS none of the computers in question are over 3 year old and all are made by
Dell (the server is an HP).

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