Re: Fl to HI on 14.060


Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 23:22:45 EDT

In a message dated 5/11/99 10:04:04 PM EST, writes:

> Congrats, Mac HIQRP#83 on your 20m signal. You
> beat me out on calling the N8CGE, even tho he
> copied your call incorrectly. You proved you could
> get a signal into Hilo Hawaii, RST 009 to 329 on peaks.
> Thanks for giving it a good try. It's a little over a month
> since our QSO on 40m. I am using the K2 into the
> same 14AVQ trap vertical.

YES! YES! YES! I gave you 229-339 on peaks, but your numbers are more
accurate. I was at 2 watts into the added fan for 20m on the attic dipole!
QSB was long and slow, but I got your call the second try. I was working
Stan's QRO 599+ with my phones behind my ears and gain all the way down, so I
really had to adjust to your sig! (Dave, this rig is absolutely amazing --
even with my construction!) I got home too late to catch John N0JH/7 in WY,
but I had just worked Doc, K0EVZ down on the FISTS freq. I think I solved
my NC20 chirp with a husky power cord and 2.5m connector. THANKS AGAIN DEAN,
and I've added my HI QRP number to my QSL pedigree.

HIQRP# 83 QRP-L# 704 NorCal# 1998 FISTS# 5096 Zombie# 510 ARCI # 9843
(That's a lot of $15.00 deadlines to miss -- thanks Doug!)

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