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From: Scott Howell (whowell@hq.nasa.gov)
Date: Tue Apr 20 1999 - 08:13:46 EDT

Yup, need some help. What I need is a super patient soul who will assist me
with my studies. Yes, I want to upgrade to advanced and hopefully in the
same time extra. However, just reading and memorizing will not work for me.
 I was always the pain in the a** in the back of the room asking "why?"
I understand the rules etc., but the tecnical jabberation is more than my
brain can comprehend at times. Of course sometimes just simple english
explanations and someone to bounce the meanings I have exstracted is
enough. In any case I know I'll get several replies cause you guys and gals
always are willing to help.
I promise not to be a pest, but not using this stuff you learn really shows
that you can't fully understand it all. Yeah, one of these days I think
I'll just break down and get some bread board and start blowing up parts to
use some of what I have learned. Maybe I'll even get bold and put a
soldering iron in some rig<g>. ok maybe not any of mine in any event.
Anyone have a rig they want melted?<g>
So, if anyone would be willing to make themselves available for questions,
I'd appreciate it. I find the formula stuff really mind blowing. I ran into
the problem of amplifiers which who cares cause I will never own one<g>.
oh, yeah amps are everywhere.

tnx es 72 de Scott/n3byy
Laurel MD

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