QRPTTF plans; Elecraft K2


From: w6ra (t-ranch@humboldt1.com)
Date: Tue Apr 20 1999 - 02:27:48 EDT

Hi, gang,

It looks like I will operate QRPTTF in a remote area west of
Red Bluff, CA. I'd like to go to Oregon again, but it won't
be practical. Anyway if you need Tehama County, that's where
I'll be. The wildflowers are in full bloom there now, and
there's lots of big oak trees to hang slopers from.

Sunday evening I worked my first Elecraft K2; had a nice qso
with KH6B Dean, in Hilo, on 7040 approx. The band was in real
good shape, our 5w signals averaging about 569 with 5x9 peaks,
no kidding. And the cw note from that K2 sounded REAL good.
I was testing my T-T Argosy with the 500 hz cw filter I just
installed. The #217 filter was well worth the money. I'll
be using the Argosy this weekend.

72, Randy

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