Re: NC20 VFO freq too high


From: David Fifield (
Date: Fri Mar 12 1999 - 23:12:11 EST


You may have miscounted, you may doesn't really matter.
All that matters is that when you re-wind L1, you wind one more
turn on it than you had before! I suggest you carefully count the
turns OFF L1 as you unwind it, then add one when you rewind (with
new wire). Try to keep the spacing even and the windings snug onto
the toroid core (not loose with a gap on the outside).

Just a couple of other people have had this problem so far - none
of them has yet come back and admitted they had one too few turns
before though!...

Good luck! 72, Dave Fifield, AD6A

Edward A Kwik jr wrote:
> I am trucking along with my NC20. I am up to section 11, setting the
> vfo frequency. The AFA is real cool. At first power up I got *59*. TC1
> was fully meshed so when I tweaked it the frequency only got higher.
> Rats need to fiddle with L1. I squeezed the turns on L1 the best I
> could but could only get it down to *07* or so. I counted the turns on
> L1 about 10 times before I installed it. Did I mess up or have others
> had to add a turn to L1 to get the vfo at *999*? At the end of section
> 5 I measured 0.61 vdc at 5.189 Mhz. I will double check everything
> tonight to make sure I am doing section 11 correctly. Is my only option
> to rewind L1? When I remove L1, I plan on very carefully counting the
> turns. What should I do if I did not mess up and I got the 8/35 turns
> correct? Add another turn and make it 8/36?
> Ed Kwik AB8DF Waterford MI

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