From: Andy C Meng (andymeng@juno.com)
Date: Fri Dec 25 1998 - 11:03:19 EST

I am new to this list and I need an HF tranceiver! I am 14 years old and
I have not yet made an HF contact. This is because I lack the advantage
that most young hams have: I do not have a shack full of gear! Neither
one of my parents are hams, but my dad is an RF engineer and he works
with many hams. He is going to start studying (along with the rest of my
family) for his license soon. My Christmas present to him was the ARRL's
code practice tapes.

I had been thinking of buying the SW-40+ from Small Wonder Labs, and the
$47 I got today is only $8 short of it. The low price is the main thing
that attracts me to it. I have a some electronic experience, having been
involved with it since I was 2 months old when I first went in to work
with my dad on Saturday. I have been "hooked" since then. I am almost
done with the OCR receiver published in the June 98 QST. I have the RF
and AF portions tested and they worked! I just have a little yet to build
before I am done! I built it from scratch not the $90 (?!) kit. It is on
that little RS PCB pretty tight (I had already used up half with another
circuit). I am not sure about running QRP as a beginner, I think I might
also build the 50W amp from the 1997 ARRL handbook.

If you have an SW series radio please tell me how it works, how long it
took to build, and if you would recommend it for a beginning ham.


73 de Andy KC8KFI
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