11-2-10-meter test data


From: David D. Meacham (ddm@datatamers.com)
Date: Sat Dec 12 1998 - 23:50:32 EST

I took some measurements on my converted Maxon to try and help another
list member who was getting low output power from his. It occurred to me
that this information might be helpful to others having the same problem,
so here it is:
This rig was converted per Steve Weber's kit, and then had the mods done
per my two recent postings (if you need them, e-mail me.).

Rig was running 4W out into a dummy load. Voltage read with a DVM. My
'scope is a Tek 2225 (50MHz), and I use a 10:1 probe (13pF). Power
supply is regulated at 13.59V under load.

1) RF Voltage across R709=2.0V p-p (sine wave with a glitch)

2) RF Voltage at junction of C715 & C716=5.4V p-p (good sine wave)

3) DC Voltage drop across R999=0.485V. R999 measures 10.0 Ohms, so
   current is 48.5mA. Collector side=11.02V, so DC input power is
   0.534W for the stage.

4) DC Voltage across R706=0.597V.

5) Total current drawn by the rig at 13.59V=794mA.

Maybe these data will help you some.
72, Dave, W6EMD

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