The Fair Radio key story & a question abt link coupled antoonas


From: Nils R Young (
Date: Sat Dec 12 1998 - 08:05:42 EST


First off, the "Canadian key" that I ordered from Fair Radio Sales
arrived the other day, along with a small but husky little gear reduction
DC motor that I hope to use in another box of stuff.

The key is, as far as I can figure, unused. The brass fittings were all
clean & unmarked by screwdriver points &c. It was a little stiff, owing
to the little pin running through the beam being rusty. I removed the pin
(gently) and cleaned it off with some polishing stuff, reassembled the
key & now have a very good, military-style, knob-type key that I'm
planning on putting in one of the traveling radio projects.

The key is almost entirely made of some sort of hard plastic/hard rubber
stuff. On the underneath side of the base, it has the imprint "CEL Z.A.
16929." On the top, at the rear of the base, the imprint is "Key W.T. 8
AMP" and "No.2 MK III." This is almost the same ID info as the all-brass
version of the same key that I lost a while ago and am still hoping to

In all this is a very good piece of work & well worth the $22 + s/h that
I paid for it.

And if anyone has an extra all-brass version of this key ("Key W.T. 8
AMP" & "No. 2 MK II"), I have some extra cash that I'm willing to part
with in exchange.

Now . . . Yesterday the Ten Tec 400 pf ATU capacitor kit arrived and,
after re reading the directions about 8 times, finally was assembled.
Very husky piece of work. I hope that it fits inside the piece of plastic
sewer pipe that I'm going to use in building a remotely controlled ATU
for the "vertical on a stick project" that's growing behind the garage
where one of my neighbors last week deposited a dead cat. (Yeah, I know .
.. . )

I'm planning on using a link coupled circuit. Low-Z input link & a
whatever it becomes parallel tuned circuit hosed between the vertical and
its ground (the 22 ft piece of pipe upon which it will eventually come to
rest, with radials acting as guys for the 22 ft piece of pipe).

Anybody done anything like this? It worky good? Can I get a papal
blessing? How much toast do you want with your breakfast? Stuff like

And . . . I just uploaded a new version of the ham radio page to the server with a picture of one of the traveling radio box projects
(a new one) on the page. It's at


 . . . Cindy went off to Chicago for six days to the CASE conference (big
time academic PR & development "hamfestish" type deal). So Andy & I are
home alone . . . Yeeeehah! Bring in the Gloria Trevi look-alike dancing
girls! Open the pizza boxes! Throw your clothes on the floor! Build
capacitors on the kitchen table! Drink mucho rabbit venom! Order some
cheese otters! Yeeeehah!

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