Re: BNC's and Phonos! Now Ecosse!


From: Mel Evans (
Date: Sun Nov 29 1998 - 05:33:54 EST

Hi Steve,

Thanks for info on Scotland county! You know we have the Scottish
Nationalist Party striving for independence as a separate country, Scotland
has it's own currency notes, Banks, languages, legal system, and it needs
separate clauses in Acts of Parliament as it is a country within the United

The SNP and many Scots often refer to us as a poor county of England, I
think you may have just confirmed it.

In my other disguise as a caravanner, I am chairman of the British
Caravanners Club for "Scotland Area" which is even more galling when it is a
whole country I represent.

Check out < > for my web pages.



Edinburgh, Scotland UK
Home of the last HW9

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